The Story of Witches

I’m very excited to finally update with some news I’ve been really wanting to share with everyone. Towards the end of last year I signed a new contract with Batsford Books for the provisionally titled The Story of Witches, due to be published in 2025.

The Story of Witches explores the ever evolving image and beliefs surrounding the witch across history. From Hecate to Baba Yaga, from shape-shifting hares to Macbeth, the first section of the book is a rich dive into the many ideas and depictions of the witch across folklore, in myth and legend, fairy tale and superstition. Ever wondered why people believe witches sail around in eggshells? Look no further!

The second section delves into the tumultuous period of the witch trials, looking at the lives, beliefs and experiences of one of the darkest periods of our history. What exactly was the witches’ sabbath? How did a witch bottle help identify a witch? Just how many people lost their lives at the stake or gallows, and why?

The third and final section of the book brings us through more recent times, looking in particular at how the image and identity of the witch has been reclaimed and reinvented, from the ideas of Margaret Murray and the witch cult, to the advent of Wicca and modern witchcraft and beyond. Explore the origins of the Wheel of the Year, meet The Great Goddess,  discover why medium Helen Duncan was charged under the Witchcraft Act and more.

Finally and most crucially, the book touches on a vital question: what have we learned from the past, and what is the best way to approach our – often terrible – shared history of the witch.

In the pages of this book you will meet the figure of the witch in many guises, and I can’t wait to share the journey with you. And as it’s Batsford, it goes without saying that the illustrations will be something very special to look forward to!


Witches Flight, Francisco Goya, 1797.


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