On The Stage: Jane Wenham The Witch of Walkern

I am very excited to say that I have now booked tickets to see the fabulous new play, Jane Wenham The Witch of Walkern at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in October!

As most of you know by now, Jane Wenham is a particular favourite “witch” of mine, and a chapter of Accused looks at her story in detail. It was a great treat therefore to learn of the play, and needless to say I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the performance afterwards! 

Jane Wenham The Witch of Walkern is:

A gripping and haunting new play about sex, fear, religion and magic, from the BAFTA-winning writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz. After decades free from witch-hunts, Walkern’s cunning woman Jane Wenham is blamed for a tragic death – and charged with witchcraft. A terrifying ordeal begins, as the village is torn between those who want to save her life, and those who claim to want to save her soul. Inspired by events in a Hertfordshire village, Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s beautiful, throat-catching new play is alive with the mysteries of nature, sex and the supernatural, and blasts society’s hunger to find – and create – witches.

Running from 21st to 24th October, tickets are available now from the West Yorkshire Playhouse box office, online or by phone on 0113 213 7700

As an additional treat, I’ve also booked to attend the talk Witch Hunts: Now and Then at the Playhouse on 23rd October at 6pm. Lasting an hour,  tickets are £3 and can be booked here

Can’t make it to Leeds? Check out the other venues where you can catch the magic of Jane Wenham. 

For some witchiness to whet your appetite in the meantime, read more about the story of Jane Wenham here and here.

For updates and information on the production and other great theatre, follow the West Yorkshire Playhouse and Out of Joint Theatre on Twitter. 

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