A-Z of the Accused: Isobel Roby

Name: Isobel Roby
Location: Lancashire
Date: 1612

Accusations: One of the less well-known  of the “Pendle Witches”, Isobel Roby was unusual in that she was not actually indicted for a specific act of witchcraft against a named victim.  Several people however spoke against her, including Peter Chaddock of Windle, Jane Wilkinson,  Margaret Lyon,  and Margaret Parre, who between them stated that a man had fallen ill after falling out with Isobel,  and that a woman who had refused her milk had experienced an unexplained pinch to her thigh. 

Outcome: Despite the scarcity of evidence or word against her and a plea of ‘not guilty’,  Isobel was found guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to death with the rest of the Pendle victims. She was hanged on 20th August,  1612.

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