Introducing Folklore Thursday!

Writing and researching on the subject of witches inevitably brings you into contact with the varied and eclectic world of folklore. During the last year of writing here at The Witch, the Weird, and The Wonderful, I’ve noticed two things. One is the never-ending supply of fascinating tales and intriguing images out there to share. The other is how many fabulous like-minded folks there are about, with fabulous blog posts and tales just waiting to be shared.  

Discussing the matter with the lovely @DeeDeeChainey, an idea was born. A year on and many emails later, here we are to excitedly introduce #FolkloreThursday, the new hashtag for all things folklore! 

On Thursday 18th June, we will be launching #FolkloreThursday. Following the format of several other blogging hashtag days, Folklore Thursday is pretty much what it says on the tin – all day on a Thursday, post your folklore related posts, images and links under the #FolkloreThursday hashtag and we will retweet you!

We’ll be going “live” on the 18th, but before then, there are several things you can do to get involved.

  • Follow us at @FolkloreThurs
  • Spread the word to anyone who might be interested – a hashtag day is only as good as those who join in!
  • Get writing/sourcing your best folklore related content – whether new or old, we’d love to see it.

Any questions, drop us a line at @FolkloreThurs or we can be found at our own accounts at @WillowCWinsham and @DeeDeeChainey

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